HACK 2022

Hackathon for all ifgi students #ifgiHACK22

After 2 years of digital or hybrid teaching, little exchange between students, teachers and staff, we would like to invite ALL students of ALL courses at the Institute of Geoinformatics to the first ifgiHACK! At the ifgiHACK you develop ideas and prototypes in teams on current local, global challenges and challenges regarding current research projects or your studies. We reserved the whole GEO I building so there is plenty of room for your ideas!

The best ideas and prototypes will be awarded! 

In cooperation with the Fachschaft, with the support of the ifgi staff, sponsors from among the ifgi spin-off companies and other supporters, we have prepared a program that we would definitely like to hold in presence. Should it not be possible to hold the event in person due to the Corona situation or the regulations prevailing at the time of the event, we will postpone the event to the pentacost holidays (08.-10.06.). 



Wednesday, 30.03.

Time Program
9:30 – 11:00 pre-hack Technolgy-Tutorial („JavaScript basics“)
9:30 – 11:00 pre-hack Technolgy-Tutorials („Git & GitHub in the Terminal“)
11:15 – 12:45 pre-hack Technolgy-Tutorials („senseBox primer“)
11:15 – 12:45 pre-hack Technolgy-Tutorials („Fun with maps on the web“)
14:00 Welcome
14:20 Pitches
14:45 Group building
15:00 Kick-Off and Team-Registration
19:00 Pizza-Dinner (sponsored by conterra)
20:00 Lecture Hall Movie night (organized by Fachschaft)

Thursday, 31.03.

Time Program
9:00 Hacking
13:00 Lunch (sponsored by con terra)
15:00 Halftime-Run (5km & 10km)
19:00 Pizza-Dinner (sponsored by 52north & re:edu)

Friday, 01.04.

Time Program
9:00 Hacking
13:00 Lunch (sponsored by con terra)
14:00 Final Pitches
14:45 Supporters presentations (Code for Münster, conterra, 52north, re:edu, Fachschaft Geoinformatics)
15:30 Winners announcements & closing

pre-Hack Tutorials

Intro to Git and GitHub in the Terminal

Intro to Git and GitHub in the Terminal

Wed. 9:30 - 11:00, Seminarroom 3.OG (323), Gerald from Code for Münster

senseBox primer

senseBox primer

Wed. 11:15 - 12:45, StudLab 130, Mario from the senseBox-Team

Fun with Maps on the web

Fun with Maps on the web

Wed. 11:15 - 12:45, Seminar room 3.OG (323), Felix from re:edu

How to WebDev: Introduction to JavaScript

How to WebDev: Introduction to JavaScript

Wed. 9:30 - 11:00, StudLab 130, Jan from 52°North

Social Program

Half-time run with Kuba and Barto (5K or 10K)

Half-time run with Kuba and Barto (5K or 10K)

Thursday, 15:00, Meeting in the Foyer (showers available!)

Lecturehall Movie Night

Lecturehall Movie Night

Wednesday, 20:00 something geo at Prime-Time



Rethink your ideas while playing cornhole


"Make my studies better-Challenge" 



"image recognition on ESP32-Challenge"



"indoor navigation challenge"



"Climate Challenge - how does the climate change affect Münster?"

The 1.5°C mark - what does that actually mean for Münster? Can climate change be better understood locally with the help of GI? Can an augmented reality app provide a glimpse into the climatic future of Münster? Can we find places where conditions are already similar to those in Münster in 2050? Do digital maps or interactive fictitious weather reports from the future help to understand what awaits us all? Work on your GI hack that helps to make the abstract "1.5°C" experienceable!





Prof. Dr. Angela Schwering

Institute for Geoinformatics

Thomas Werner

Code for Münster

Dr. Ben Gräler

52°north GmbH


Youssef Qamaz

Technologies: Ionic, Unity, Maps, Node, Mongo

How to reach me? room 105 during office hours or via mail.

Violeta Sosa Léon

Technologies: Depth imaging, Kinect

How to reach me? room 141, WWU Mattermost, email

Sven Heitmann

Technologies: agile (software) development methods, mobile app development (cross platform and native), privacy, HCI, robotics, electronics, rapid prototyping.

How to reach me? always on Discord (ifgi server) or WWU-Mattermost (s_heit12); room 238 after 13:00

Marius Appel

Technologies: R, statistics / data science, cloud-computing, satellite image analysis.

How to reach me? room 138, WWU-Mattermost, mail

Christian Knoth

Technologies: image analysis, remote sensing, machine learning

How to reach me? room 137 (30th & 31st), WWU-Mattermost, mail

Mario Pesch

Technologies: Front-End (React), senseBox, Arduino

How to reach me? room 104, mail and WWU-mattermost

Sebastian Böing

Technologies: 3D-Print, Elektronics, wood and other materials

How to reach me? In the Werkstatt, room 007, 9:00-16:00


I want to participate in the following pre-hack workshop(s) (optional):

any Questions?

Then get in touch with the Fachschaft or Thomas, room 104, mail or WWU Mattermost AND join the ifgiHACK channel in the ifgi team at WWU Mattermost. This will also be used for communication during the event.